Dr. Anjan Bhattacharya

Dr. Anjan Bhattacharya

Consultant Paediatrician , Apollo Multispeciality Hospital, Kolkata
Care of New Born and Developmental Paediatrician

Preventive Paediatrics

Developmental Paediatricians are primarily Community Paediatricians. One of the major focus of a Community Paediatrician is Preventative Paediatrics.

Primary Prevention ensures that a disease or disability does not occur in the first place through a number of appropriate measures delivered professionally. For example, giving vaccines stops from catching the disease in most vaccinated children.

study shows promise for parent-led Autism Intervention for babies.

Secondary Prevention is about Early Detection(ED) and Early Intervention(EI). Here, the disease or pathology is already existent but the harm of it is minimized through appropriate medical interventions. For example, universal new-born screening detects already existing diseases so that the doctor can use strategies to prevent deleterious effects best.

Tertiary Prevention is about Disability Limitation. Here the disease has caused the damage. Professional activities are directed to slow or stop any further damage.

At CDC, AGH, Kolkata, the entire benefit of deliverable preventative paediatrics is practiced from cradle to adulthood in the practice ethos of NHS, UK. Dr. Anjan Bhattacharya continuously strives to impart the same standard of practice of his London office here in Kolkata with an appreciable measure of success.

For example, the Program of Care (PoC) of CDC, AGH, Kolkata, cuts across all three layers of prevention to the participating families.

At CDC, AGH this 12 week Early Intervention model is followed with excellent Parent Led Intervention results as is shown in the current research! We call it Programme of Care (PoC) and Block of 12 weekly sessions!

Preventive Paediatrics

Primary Prevention in Paediatrics :

• Vaccination – Do you ever feel that your child’s doctor cannot spend enough time to answer all your queries regarding vaccination? In Newham Child Development Centre of London, Dr. Bhattacharya used to conduct Special Immunization Advisory Clinic. You can book an appointment to take advantage of such a practice right here in Kolkata. For queries on immunization related issues, pls book a session at +91 98309 87419 by specifying your exact need.

• Psychological Vaccine – Dr. Jonas Salk, after inventing Polio vaccine lamented “If I were a young scientist, I would still do immunization. But instead of immunizing kids physically, I would do it Psychologically”, which was used by Dr.Martin Seligman, an eminent researcher in the field to devise psychological vaccine. Indian Academy of Paediatrics has started this programme in India through the hands of Dr.Bhattacharya and 6 other paediatricians as their 5 year Presidential Action Plan.

• Exclusive Breast Feeding – Ensure success through CDC, AGH’s powerful but user-friendly techniques to give your child one of the best gifts of preventative science.

• Miscellaneous

Secondary Prevention :

CDC, AGH boasts of its early detection and early intervention programmes.

Tertiary Prevention :

Traditionally, this has been the focus of all Child Development Centres of the world. India’s first CDC in corporate healthcare setup obviously puts CDC, AGH, right at the forefront of disability limitation.

This was acknowledged in Dr. Bhattacharya’s international recognition by WHO in including him as one of the 27 experts.

Health Assurance through Prevention - Wellness

• Holistic Health –
It is scientifically deliverable without resorting to any voodoo practices. The science of Community Paediatrics empowers a paediatrician to learn this science and apply it in day-to-day practice. Dr. Bhattacharya brings this holistic care to children(0-18 years) in a scientific bonafide manner with scintillating results.

• Exercise –
Eeryone appreciates the value of exercise. But how do you explain that to a boisterous seven year old? Even if you get your adolescent to exercise regularly, what do you think is better – having a sport in a gym by a gym instructor or a medically designed appropriate sports programme under a child specialist who can supervise that gym instructor taking into account all aspects of health and welfare of your child in an expert way?

• Nutrition –
Does health drink deliver wellness? (link) Pls refer to Dr.Bhattacharya’s expertise in paediatric nutrition to make up your mind about getting your child’s nutritional advice from a nutritionist alone or a dietician working under such a child specialist.

• Play –
If you are having any difficulties in balancing your child’s play and studies, why not meet the expert to clarify.

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